Hi, I'm HOFFtheRECORD, my friends just call me Hoff, and "the Art is Business" - well, that's my mantra. I believe to compete in business, creativity isn't a nicety, it's a necessity. Besides, why settle for boring spreadsheets when you can add a splash of expertise with a sprinkle of execution to your project? Think of me as your gateway to a world where business meets art, where creativity meets strategy, and where big dreams are painted on a vibrant palette of possibility.

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Explore this oh-so-exciting realm where I've gathered an assortment of mind-blowingly random artwork, collectibles, goodies, and merch all designed by me for my supporters. Nothing screams "fashion-forward" like a healthy dose of snark and a touch of creative rebellion. Don't worry, no judgements if you roll your eyes while shopping – it's practically mandatory.

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"Realize that access to your energy is a privilege. Start believing that nothing is 'too good' for you. By returning to yourself, you will set yourself free." - Hoff
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"You will never find another human on the planet who works harder than Hoff. He possess a business acumen and wisdom lightyears beyond his age. Having him as a business partner has been a genuine blessing. He will forever be family to me."

Dr. Boom, Dakan Co-Founder, Chairman Genuine Undead Community

Dr. Jamal Ahmad

Co-Founder of Dakan

"Matt is a true entrepreneur and business expert who served as a volunteer coach and mentor for multiple high-schools in our district. A student favorite, his passion helped one of his teams win 1st Place in the 2023 Incubator Pitch Competition!"

INCubatoredu provides curriculum, resources and training to support an already-existing entrepreneurship course offered at all FISD high schools for students.



"No words can express the admiration I feel for Matt. He is the most passionate leader you can think of when operating a startup or a large organization, there's nothing he can't do. I had a successful exit to a public company in great part due to Matt's."

Rob Kall

Rob KĂ€ll

CEO of